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>> good way to start the morning, right? >> wonderful way to start the morning. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report", fair balanced and unafraid. special report on-line starts now! >> up to a foot of rain brings deadly floods to texas. tonight, the deluge in dallas and beyond. plus battleground economy. tonight, the political fight is on. i'm shepard smith. the news starts now. >> i propose a six-year infrastructure plan, the more generous permanent extension of the tax credit, all american businesses should be allowed to write off all the investment they do in 2011. >> three proposals with one goal. get the economy moving again. but republicans say they have plans of their own. >> thousands forced to run for their lives as a major wildfire
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burns out of control. >> you want to go home and you check your home. sounds like we're not going to be able to go up there for a while. >> that was colorado. and in detroit -- >> don't make no sense. >> anger and blame after dozens of homes burn to the ground. flames boil over in los angeles as protesters hit the streets for a second straight day. and a vegas trainer forced to fight a lion. as one of his big cats goes on the attack. but first from fox this wednesday night, now they are getting after it. the showdown over your money in volleys for your votes. president obama tearing into man who wants to be the speaker of the house come january, the minority leader john boehner. two weeks ago, this ohio republican gave a speech in cleveland and called on the president to fire the entirety
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of his economic team. well, today, the president went to cleveland to fire back. >> there were no new policies for mr. boehner. there were no new ideas. there was just the same philosophy that we had already tried during the decade that they were in power. the same philosophy that led to this mess in the first place. >> congressman boehner did unveil a couple of new ideas. first, freeze government spending at the levels from 2008 which he claims will save $100 billion this year alone. and extend the bush tax cuts for everyone. >> what i will do is help small businesses who have no clue what the coming tax rates are going to be. gives them some certainty and if we're able to do this together, i think we'll show the american people that we understand what's going on in the country and we'll be able to get our economy moving again and get jobs growing in america.
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>> and the president says i'm all for extending the bush tax cuts. but only for families that make $250,000 or less. he's also unveiling a few ideas of his own to turn things around. and back and forth we go. wendell goaler is refereeing tonight. some democrats do support extending the tax cuts for everyone, right? >> just a handful and only for a short period of time. maybe a half dozen lawmakers in tough races say except the one or two year extension for tax cuts for the wealthy in order to get a deal for the middle class, the president said we can't afford to extend them all. >> this isn't to punish the folks who are better off. god bless them. it's because we can't afford the $700 billion price tag. >> the president's former budget director says we can't afford to extend the middle class tax cuts either. he'd cut them all off after a couple of years. the aides say the president simply disagrees with that.
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shepard? >> the president proposed some other measures today as well, right? >> he did. a couple of business tax cuts that republicans have supported in the past, though the reaction was lukewarm at best, the president performed making the -- proposed making the research and development tax credit permanent. this would mainly help big businesses and he suggested giving businesses a year to buy land, building and equipment tax free, the idea being to generate jobs for manufacturing and construction workers. republicans say he would pay for these tax cuts by raising other business taxes. the white house calls that closing tax loophole, shepard? >> ok. ohio is congressman boehner's home state. that's far from the only reason the president spoke there today. >> well, it's the president's favorite place to talk about the economy. he's been there 10 times since taking office but boehner is the reason he went to the cleveland suburb today. his speech, a direct rebuttal to a speech mr. boehner gave a couple of weeks ago in which he called on the president to fire his entire economic team. the president went to the minority leader's own backyard,
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called him out by name. more than half a dozen times in part to remind voters if the democrats lose control of the house this fall, boehner will become the speaker. >> wendell goler live at the white house tonight. thanks. wow, today, the heavens opened over texas and created flooding on the ground like they haven't seen in years. it all came from the remnants of tropical storm hermine creating a fatal flood disaster. authorities report high waters have already killed two people as they continue to search for others lost in the swamps. this is the scene in texas where the water swept a 49-year-old man from his truck and he died. the mayor of belton, texas, a town just north of austin declaring a state of emergency and issuing a mandatory evacuation order. in dallas, high waters leaving cars and people stranded. in arlington, lower left there, waters rushed past the roller coaster tracks at a six flags and not far from there, fire officials rescued people from rooftops.
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what a day across texas and our meteorologist has been watching it all. what's the latest on the flooding, rick? >> well, i'll tell you what, the rivers are still going to rise. going to take a while for all the water to funnel through before it recedes. we'll continue to see that. the heaviest of the rain is falling. shepard, some significant cells will drop a little more rain here along this i-35 area. all of these rivers, though, are going to continue to move off towards the southeast. and that's where we're going to see some of the worst of this at least the flooding going over the next number of days, shepard, because it will all continue to pull up down towards the southeast. >> that red box there on the map, rick, is that a tornado warning? >> it is. it's a tornado watch for this entire area and there's a series of tornado warnings that have been in effect. one of them right now in dallas county, we've been seeing some video come in of a forming tornado. there you go. these, i believe, are live pictures, shepard, actually i think -- i guess this is video. we've been seeing some live pictures, though in the last 10 minutes of a tornado forming to
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the southeast of the dallas area. enough rotation in the atmosphere we'll be seeing tornadoes throughout the evening. >> live pictures if we get to them. another tropical storm strengthening in the atlantic. >> very interesting. as it comes off the african coast, gets named igor and i'll tell you what, so dry there, the air across africa, pulling it across the water and immediately developing. this is going to be the one that we'll watch over the next week or so. five days from now, they're having it as a cat 2 storm maybe back towards the leeward islands and following a very familiar path like we've seen from some of these storms over the last couple of weeks. >> thanks a lot. b.p. today is out with a new report on what it says caused the explosion that started the gulf oil disaster and in short, we're not the only ones to blame. in fact, eight separate failures were responsible for 13 deaths and more than 200 million gallons of oil gushing into the gulf. it's an internal investigation. no government input. in total, nearly 200 pages.
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at fault, claims b.p., the rig owner, transocean, and the cement contractor halliburton along with b.p.'s own employees. but one lawyer who represents hundreds of people in the spill affected says b.p. blaming others for the gulf oil disaster is like bernie madoff blaming his accountant. the legal phase of this disaster is just ramping up. chris guiterrez with the news live in new orleans tonight. tell us what b.p. officials claim were the key failures here. >> you bet, shepard. here's the report right here. 193 pages and in it, a lot of fingerpointing and one direction, fingers are pointed at halliburton which was contracted to do cement work and according to b.p., the cement work failed to contain the hydrocarbons of the natural gas escaping from that well and in the other direction, fingers are pointed at transocean because b.p. says its employees misread the pressure test to determine the well's stability and then they failed to recognize and react to the hydrocarbon. shepard, again, this is only b.p.'s account. >> indeed and transocean and
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halliburton are saying this is nuts. >> they're not buying it. in fact, transocean saying that this is a self-serving report. in fact, we have a quote now from spokesperson with transocean and he says in part "in both its design and construction, b.p. made a series of cost saving decisions that increased risk and in some cases severely." halliburton responded that halliburton remains confident all the work it performed with respect to the well was completed in accordance with b.p. specifications and the businessman affected by this spill has this to say tonight. >> an independent person needs to make that decision. i don't think b.p. can say all those companies were at fault. >> let the blame game begin, shepard. >> chris, they haven't looked at the blowout preventer yet. they got it out of the water.
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>> the blow out preventer could be a key piece of critical information. they got it out of water on saturday. you mentioned it came out of the water just on saturday. government scientists will analyze it within the next few days to hopefully determine on the government's side what exactly went wrong. >> chris, thank you. outrage in the streets of los angeles. another night of protests over a deadly shooting. was the victim threatening the police officers? did the officers have other options? and what's in store tonight? we are live and late breaking in los angeles plus the news you dieters may have been waiting to hear for a long time. losing weight can be bad for you. tonight, the study that conclusion dropping pounds can actually cause health problems. details coming up from the journalists of fox news tonight on "the fox report." ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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>> cops in los angeles this
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afternoon are bracing for more possible trouble tonight from protesters who seem very angry over a recent shooting. this is last night. excuse me, demonstrators hit the streets for a second time. they set fires and they were told they threw eggs and rocks and bottles at the cops. lapd officers ended up arresting nearly two dozen of them. the first protests came on monday after an officer killed a man who was reportedly threatening people with a knife. witnesses say that man was drunk. and that he was coming toward the officer when the policeman fired. but demonstrators argue police should have found a way to subdue the man without killing him and now officials are trying to quiet the controversy before it gets out of control. trace gallagher is in the west coast news hub tonight. i'm wondering what they're expecting in the way of protests tonight. >> well, they're expecting more protests, shep, because the residents have vowed to hold more protests so they will beef up their presence there tonight. it's not just the residents
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showing up to protest but outside groups are showing up, handing out flyers and in some cases causing trouble. two nights ago only 40 protesters. last night, 300 protesters and of course, the violence went up. more rocks thrown. more bottles tossed. more fires lit. the l.a. police chief charlie beck is calling for calm. he is also holding a community meeting tonight inviting residents of those areas as well as representatives from the mexican, nicaraguan and guatemalan consulates and the chief is also vowing to have a full investigation into the shooting, shep? >> the protesters contend they didn't have to shoot. they could have used nonlethal force. has the police chief weighed in on this? >> the police chief said because they were bicycle officers who actually went to the scene, they don't carry a lot of equipment. they didn't have stun guns. they didn't have those rifles that shoot the bean bags, didn't even have batons. he says when the police arrived on scene, they found 37-year-old manuel jiminez wielding a knife
7:16 pm
and threatening people. they told him to drop the knife in spanish as well as in english. here's the chief talking about how few seconds they had before they had to act. listen. >> what i would like to emphasize is this is a very brief moment in time. the time from the officers' first contact of the individual to the time of the shooting was about 40 seconds. it's a very, very little opportunity to do much more. >> the police also discovered blood on the knife that jiminez was actually carrying. now they are looking into that knife. they are testing it to see who the blood belongs to. shep? >> trace gallagher in the l.a. news hub tonight. thank you. a big development out of mexico today as the marines there report they arrested seven men, all accused gang members in connection with the massacre
7:17 pm
that shows how violent they have become. the mexican marines found the bodies of 72 central and south american migrants last month in a town 100 miles south of texas. each of the victims executed according to authorities. their bodies pushed up against a wall. but one person survived. somebody shot him in the neck and the face but he managed to live through it and he reportedly told investigators that the gunman killed the migrants because they refused to work for the drug gang and today, seven arrested in connection. more than a dozen fire trucks standing at the los angeles international airport tonight after somebody found a threat written on the mirror of a plane's bathroom. the flight was arriving from thailand on thai airways, the company's president reportedly says it looks like a crazy person left the message and that's a quote. we're told it was written in english but with bad grammar. once the flight landed safely, the feds searched the plane, ruled the whole thing a hoax and they now say they're investigating whether one of the
7:18 pm
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>> you got to be careful with the lions. a vegas animal trainer is recovering this week and doing fine after a lion turned on him during an exhibition at the mgm grand. look at this thing. this video from a couple of honeymooners who managed to get it on video, look here, right there, the lion going after one -- that's a 400 pound male and then look at the female here. another trainer scrambles to help and that female lion appears to be assisting as well. it's unclear if the male was trying to attack or just playing way too rough for a human but he
7:22 pm
did some damage. a spokesman for the resort says the trainer had to get stitches for a bite wound in his leg. and our chief fox correspondent jonathan hunt is here with more on this. and witnesses say it looked like the lion kind of targeted the man. >> we spoke to 1/2 of that honeymooning couple who shot that video, she said as she watched in horror, it seemed obvious to her that the lion was only interested in going after that one trainer. she also said she simply could not see why. listen. >> i would not say that the attack was provoked at all. minutes before he jumped on him, the gentleman that was attacked was kind of cleaning out his hair, petting him, picking off loose hair, just grooming him like probably he does a lot. >> so a horrifying incident for that trainer and horrifying, too, for all those tourists looking on. >> the other trainer, obviously, jumped in to help. you know it kind of looked like the female lion was trying to help. >> yes, this is amazing.
7:23 pm
watch the video again. you'll see the trainer go in and try to get the lion off. here comes the female. what are you doing? you don't need to get involved in this, dude. just back off. and then she kind of escorts him off to the corner of the bar and says sit down, have a drink and take it easy so yeah, really does look like she was getting involved in saying -- it's women, peacemakers always. >> he's going over there saying every time i want to have fun, she pulls me away. they're investigating this, i suppose. >> yes, they are. department of agriculture has lead responsibility for investigating these sorts of incidents. they'll look into now why it happened. what might have provoked it and indeed, they'll draw some conclusions as to what should happen to that lion and whether the female lion, of course, should get a medal as peacemaker. >> or trampoline. >> two new additions to one of the largest artificial reef programs in our country. the director is sinking two ships. look at this.
7:24 pm
this is right off the florida coast. we're told the u.s. army corps of engineers donated them to the program. it aims to use the vessels to help the marine habitat in the area and really provide additional fisheries resources. a passenger plane with dozens of people on board never made it to its destination. instead, the thing accidentally ended up in a forest. yes, the big jet in a forest. we'll have the remarkable story of how this plane wound up there and what happened to the passengers coming up. plus what do you think about the administration's foreign policy decisions? secretary of state clinton today weighing in on a -- in a big way on the argument and also offering an assessment of how the national debt could be putting our country in very real danger. that's just ahead along with bottom of the hour headlines. we're glad to have you in. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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>> police have arrested two men suspected in a violent crime spree. one of them led the cops on a car chase which they got on video. and it's the top story on a fox trip across america. >> oklahoma, investigators say the two men stole several vehicles and robbed a convenience store. authorities say during one of the carjackings, one suspect shot a man who tried to help the driver. then came the car chase you're now watching. the driver tossed a gun out the window at one point but the police eventually got him. arizona, police say five masked men broke into a jewelry store in east phoenix and made off with a load of diamonds and
7:29 pm
watches and rings and more. the owner says the stuff is worth nearly a million bucks. >> the thought about this economy and everything. >> police say the entire heist took about two minutes, the thieves got away. michigan, a fire ripping through a vacant apartment complex this highland park. nobody hurt but you can see the high flames here. high winds making things worse. investigators working on the cause. missouri, a swarm of bees attacking students on a hike during a field trip in wildwood. we're told the nest of yellow jackets stung 12 kids and countone teacher. one got stung nearly 40 times. >> kind of hard to walk. >> we're told everybody is ok. one student was reportedly allergic to bees but did not get stung and that's a "fox watch across america." >> i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report.
7:30 pm
"it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. our $13 trillion national debt is not just hurting us financially, it's also putting our country in danger. that is the warning today from the secretary of state hillary clinton and a foreign policy event. here, listen. >> and it poses a national security threat in two ways. it undermines our capacity to act in our own interests. and it does constrain us where constraint may be undesirable. and it also sends a message of weakness internationally. >> and she goes on to say that the white house's foreign policy decisions are paying off. some experts, though, say the nuclear showdown with iran is just one example of where they're falling short. james rosen live in d.c. on the top story at the bottom of the hour. james, secretary clinton's aides were billing this as a major speech. >> yeah, but as we so often see with "major speeches", shep, the
7:31 pm
real news came in the q&a. the whole point of secretary clinton's 40 minute address was to herald america's strength and leadership across the globe in the obama era. >> so let me say it clearly, united states can, must and will lead in this new century. indeed, the complexities and connections of today's world have yielded a new american moment. >> yet, 37 minutes later in response to a question about national security spending, secretary clinton was lamenting as you just saw how our national debt projects our weakness abroad and speaking of america in terms that suggest we're increasingly not the masters of our own fate. >> i mean, it is very troubling to me that we are losing the ability not only to chart our own destiny but to, you know, have the leverage that comes from this enormously effective
7:32 pm
economic engine that has powered american values and interests over so many years. >> and, of course, shep, all of this talk about the debt from the secretary of state came on the day when the president was in ohio touting new proposals to spend an additional $180 billion to bolster the economy. >> we mentioned the showdown with iran. secretary clinton talked about it as an example of where the president's foreign policies are really working. >> yes, but it was interesting to note how the secretary stopped short of making a number of claims that she was prepared to make the prepared text of secretary clinton's speech called the recent u.n. sanctions on iran the most comprehensive ever. in her actual delivery, she omitted the word ever. where her prepared text spoke of the many other nations that are placing their own sanctions on iran, that become just a nation, not many other nations. >> thank you. militants appear to be stepping up resistance to iraq's security forces of after the united states officially -- at least officially ended its combat
7:33 pm
mission last week, today there were two more attacks in the baghdad area alone. in one, a suicide car bomber detonated his explosives near the iraqi army convoy. and in another, militants detonated a car bomb and then followed up with a roadside bomb when people gathered at the scene. we're told the attacks killed at least three people and injured more than two dozen others. in afghanistan, the taliban's leader claims afghan fighters are winning the war and the united states is wasting money and lives. mulla muhammad omar making those comments in an internet message to mark the end of ramadan, he also says american forces will be out of afghanistan soon and tells his followers to help avoid hurting civilians in the meantime. u.s. commanders point out that taliban fighters don't always follow that advice. three more suspects face charges for the failed times square bombing. they've been in custody in pakistan since the botched attempt in may and now the cops
7:34 pm
in pakistan report they're ready to charge them. investigators say the men sent the suspected -- sent the suspect money and helped him travel to pakistan to meet with militant leaders there. pakistani-american faisal shahzad has pleaded guilty to terrorism and weapons charges related to that attempted attack. very good sign for the economy today, we learned more help wanted signs are going up across the nation. labor department reports the number of job openings in july rose 6.2% from june. that's the first increase after two months of declines. ashley webster from the fox business network is with us and ashley, just because companies are posting openings doesn't necessarily mean they're ready to hire. >> that's exactly right. some three million job openings that sounds terrific, shep, but bottom line is companies are not hiring because they just are uncertain about the economic future. they want to know what kind of tax breaks there maybe have over there and the one thing is consumers, consumers are not spending. as they're not spending the economy is not moving and, therefore, businesses are not expanding to it's kind of a
7:35 pm
difficult relationship. it's a catch 22 where the economy won't expand and businesses won't hire but if consumers are worried about the economy, they won't spend and we're kind of stuck in this vicious cycle. >> you know, for the jobs that are open, there's a lot of competition. >> oh, boy. get in line. you know brsh, before the reces there were 1.2 people going after every available job. right now, based on the july numbers, five people will be competing with you for every open jobs. >> the markets seem to like this, though. >> they did. actually today we had a nasty dropoff on tuesday but the dow rebounding mildly today. dow finishing up 46 points, up 1/2%. nasdaq and s&p finishing up higher gearing up for the midterm elections and see what happens with all the stimulus spending. shep? >> we shall say. thank you. fewer people applied for home loans last week but the numbers are a bit deceiving. the mortgage bankers association reports this- the overall number of americans looking to take out a mortgage dropped 1.5% from the previous week.
7:36 pm
as interest rates rose slightly from the record lows. here's the deceiving part. while applicants to refinance home loans fell, the number of people looking to borrow money to buy a house actually rose. to the highest level since may. the internet search giant google launching what it calls google instant. this is an upgrade to the site that searches as you type and gives you results before you ever hit the enter key. it can even predict what you're going to write. for example, typing "fox" brings up sites for fox news and fox sports. google reps say the new feature can save users two to five seconds per search. you go, google. as kids across the nation head back to school now, towns and cities obviously don't have a lot of extra money to spend on education but some experts are trying to prove you can spend less and still help the kids learn morning. we'll report, you decide directly. plus the race to put out a growing wildfire in colorado.
7:37 pm
this one is getting serious. officials say firefighters are facing some pretty tough obstacles beyond the flames and the intense heat, we'll get a live update from our correspondent, alicia acuna coming up. tetetetetell me somet. why does my company have so manyrinters and copiers? ll different brands with different controls? give me one product line with a big colorful lcd screen and common controls. and with arp o.s.a. technology, i can easily integrate with my i.t. systems. and i don't want tuse one of those mini-screen keyboards.
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>> wildfire alert. firefighters are battling flames in the foothills of the colorado rockies and also contending with debris and downed power lines and poison ivy and rattle snakes and it's a mess and a big fire. it's happening in a remote area near boulder. fire crews say the flames have burned more than nine square miles and destroyed, get this, destroyed more than 140 homes and other buildings in the process. 3500 people now evacuated the area after the fire broke out on labor day. alicia acuna live for us in boulder where, as you'll be able to see, it is now raining. alicia, that's got to be some good news for the firefighting effort, right? >> yes, shep, that's the hope according to the incident commander. it depends on whether or not this same rain is hitting that
7:41 pm
ridge four to five miles behind me where the center of the fire is located. the public information officer told me this fire is misbehaving. it's erratic and they say think of a small toddler, you have to watch it constantly. it will misbehave depending on what its fed. its attitude will change abruptly so there's really no containment or control estimates that they're giving us at this time. shep? >> hey, earlier today, there was some concern that some of the people who live in that area were missing but now, have they cleared that up? what happened? >> yeah, there were eight people who didn't follow the mandatory evacuation orders and they were reported missing. half of them have been found and then the other half either live outside the burn zone so officials aren't concerned or they believe that these are people who simply haven't gotten in contact with their family or friends yet. >> people really mouthing off about the response of this disaster. a lot of people don't seem very happy. >> no, they're not happy at all. there are a lot of evacuees attending the news conferences and they're very vocal.
7:42 pm
they have questions about financial assistance, when they can get back into the area. they're frustrated about communication with officials here and so the incident commander announced they will hold a public meeting tonight to address those concerns but he also announced that tomorrow, media briefings will be in an area where the public does not have access. shep? >> all right, alicia acuna on scene for us tonight in the rain. thanks. that's colorado. now to detroit where, man alive, firefighters have spent the day trying to control dozens of house fires there on what the city council president describes as a freakish day. strong winds fan the flames from house to house to house. three different neighborhoods. investigators say they're looking into whether dead tree limbs on power lines may have sparked the flames. some folks who live in the area say they complained to the power company but nobody came. >> called them first thing again this morning after the long weekend. that the fire was still flickering at the wires. and every so often, my electricity was coming on and off, coming on and off.
7:43 pm
she told me, well, ma'am, someone will be out. i can't give you a definite date or time. >> been a lot of questions about the response to these things with so many homes going up in flames. crews say the fires damaged or destroyed at least two dozen houses but that many of those were vacant. education and taxes. for years, federal, state and local governments have responded to the need for better schools by pumping in more taxpayer money. according to the latest census data, spending on education in this country has jumped more than $200 billion from 1990 to 2008. but the statistics show the u.s. consistently ranks behind many other nations in terms of academic success. in fact, we're way down the list now. so what's the answer? well, some experts say it's not about how much money but where we invest it. >> it sounds like something you'd learn in math class if you spend more, you get more. but in public education, that's not always the case. new york state leads the nation
7:44 pm
in spending per pupil on public and secondary schooling. more than 17 grand a year for each student. the national average is just over $10,000. utah spends less than $6,000 but still beats new york on standardized tests with big apple kids scoring 25th to 32nd on reading and math. >> we're failing the students and we're failing the taxpayers simultaneously. i'd say that's bad for everybody. >> some new york students score much higher for far less money. at a series of charter schools called harlem success academy. >> my expectation is that you'll move in silently. >> they're public schools run like private schools with longer school days, longer school years and intense focus on fundamentals. >> we are able to organize our school around one thing and one thing only and that is teaching and learning. >> charter schools are in high demand among parents. harlem's success got 7,000 applicants for its 1100 spots so roughly 1 out of 7 kids won the education lottery and maybe a
7:45 pm
better chance at a brighter future. what about the six out of seven kids who didn't get in? >> money alone clearly is not going to solve the educational crisis that we have. and it's not just a problem in new york state. it's a problem in america. >> we reached out multiple times to the new york commissioner of education for the state's take on why spending top dollar is only reaping average returns but so far, we've gotten no response. ri rick leventhal, fox news. >> rahm emanuel is indeed interested in running for mayor of chicago. not a huge surprise. that came from the white house press secretary robert gibbs today. he said rahm emanuel, a former congressman from illinois will take time to make a decision. chicago's long term mayor, richard daley made this surprise announcement yesterday, that he will not seek a seventh term. there's already speculation about who might replace rahm emanuel should he leave washington for the windy city. the filing deadline for the mayor's race, november 22nd.
7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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>> there is breaking news now on fox newschannel and a live look in dallas as a tornado has touched down and caused damage. this from our fox station kdfw in the dallas/fort worth area and look at this as they zoom in here before we switch. ok. these -- this is new video that's just come of this facility. here's what i know just happened. tornado funnels have touched down just southeast of downtown dallas, just east of downtown dallas and just north of downtown dallas, single funnel clouds in each case. another tornado skipped across a mostly rural area near the town of ferris about 15 miles south of dallas. and another one about 20 miles south so the tornadoes are running across north texas this hour. live pictures and new video
7:51 pm
updates as we get it on "fox report." first, though, losing weight could be bad for your health. that one i've never heard. but it's according to a new study published in the international journal of obesity. researchers there say long-term weight loss can release toxic substances into your bloodstream and they say that could lead to diabetes and cancer, really a whole host of problems. julie van deris is with us now, host of the weekly edition of this program. what else do we know about this possible risks here? >> this is a first you thought losing weight would be bad for you. south korean researchers have studied 1100 people in the united states and they found those who consistently lost weight, the most amount of weight over 10 years had the highest concentrations of dangerous compounds, they're called persistent organic pollutants or p.o.p.'s compared to those who gained or maintained a steady weight. they are pollutants normally stored in your fat but then they get released into the bloodstream during extreme weight loss and they can hurt vital organs leading to type 2
7:52 pm
diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and peridontal disease. scary stuff. more studies are needed to determine if more harm to your body outweighs benefits gained from weight loss. this study shows the correlation between losing weight and pollute abilitys in your blood. it's not a cause and effect. we talked to one doctor who says losing weight is the best way to stay healthy. >> if you want to cut down on your risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes and cancer, lose weight. the moral of this -- the hidden message may be don't gain the bad weight in the first place because the bad weight may have the pollutants in it. once you got that weight on, get it off as fast as possible. >> meaning i got to get rid of this baby weight as fast as possible! almost damned if you do, damned if you don't. i guess everything in moderation seems to be the answer. >> usually does. julie, great to see you. thank you. a passenger jet makes an emergency landing, right? but the runway is too short. and it's a mess. our top story as we go around
7:53 pm
the world in 80 seconds. russia, an airliner carrying 72 passengers and 9 crew suffering a power system failure on its way from northern siberia to moscow. the pilot managed to land the plane at an abandoned military air base but the runway was too short for the big jet. as you can see, the thing rolled into a forest. somehow nobody got hurt. aviation investigators now looking into the wreck. chile. a fiber optic connection bringing some entertainment to those 33 trapped miners. the men watching the country's soccer team play a match. workers sent a miniature projector down a bore hole. local newspapers report one of the miners is a former professional soccer player and served as the match commentator. a rescue effort now under way. spain, hundreds of firemen battling wildfires in the southeast. the flames threatening several villages in the region. a local report indicates that authorities arrested a man on suspicion of starting one of the
7:54 pm
fires. ecuador, police say a drunk driver rammed his s.u.v. into a crowded bus stop in a coastal city. we're told the crash killed at least 15 people. witnesses reportedly claimed the driver was asleep at the wheel. angry residents set fire to the guy's car after the wreck, we're told. they also apparently lit up a police car. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world. in 80 seconds. >> new pictures of a powerful storm rocking a cruise ship. this closed circuit video from that ship shot in 2008 but really now hitting the interwebs, the ship swaying violently from side to side off the coast of new zealand throwing tables and chairs and tossing people around. one of the passengers says it was like being in a disaster movie. 40 people hurt. cruise line offered passengers a 25% discount on their next voyage. members of the national guard getting hands-on training here in the united states before they go over to do battle in
7:55 pm
afghanistan. it's not the kind of training you might expect. why goats could play a key role in fighting the taliban. goats! the smell of freshly juiced wheat grass and hand pressed shirts. whatever scents fill your household, purina tidy cats scoop helps neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats scoop. keep your home smelling like home.
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>> goats. they're a big help on the farm and apparently a vital part of our mission in afghanistan. yes, goats. members of the international -- indiana national guard are now training with goats for a unique assignment. they're learning how to raise and care the animals before shipping off to afghanistan where they'll teach those skills to the locals. and their education not limited to goats. officials say guard members will teach them to grow corn and grow soybeans. thank goodness for the guard. updating some of the top stories tonight. severe flooding has killed at least two people in texas. arlington especially hard hit. at the same time, a number of small tornadoes across the dallas area in this hour. plus internal document from b.p.
7:59 pm
it's actually an investigation that acknowledges the company made mistakes in the days leading up to the gulf oil spill but also places specific blame on its partners, transocean and halliburton and the president going after house minority leader john boehner today in a speech on the economy. did president obama accuse the congressman of favoring the rich over the middle class? two weeks ago, this is the republican leader called on the president to fire his entire economic team. and on this day back in 1930, the world got a little stickier when the company 3m first began marketing scotch tape. it all started when an employee figured out a way to coat strips of cellophane with an adhesive and the tape soon caught on with bakers and grocers as a way to seal food more easily so how about the name? as the story goes, a car dealer in minnesota claimed the company was being stingy since it originally only put adhesive on the borders and to make his point, he invoked scotland's penny pinching reputation.

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